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And welcome to our blog.

Have you ever wondered what life looks like in a software engineering team? Today we are creating this blog to share insights about the new techs we try, the challenges we face, the solutions we find and more generally how’s life within Jahia’s product team.

A diverse team

We are a very diverse team, we have different areas of expertise, come from different cultures and technical background, and we want this blog to showcase it. You might find an article about UX design, next to another one detailing a solution we found to a particular challenge when using Apache Kafka. Some of the articles will be written in English, others in French or German, and maybe some in Breton.

But most and foremost, this blog is for you, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Francois Gerthoffert

Product Delivery Manager @ Jahia • Passionate about helping teams build better software in the open.

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